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Websites are your portal to the web. They are your business communication with the outer-world. A clear, easy-to-use website that is identifiable and easy to find on Google can make all the difference when finding clients in the tech-savvy age. Websites must function on more than one device, multiple browser types, and must be fluid. Gone are the days where a designer would make a set template for an 800x600 monitor. In today’s climate, a website needs to be accessible from all matter of mediums. Tablets and phones are most often used to browse the web.

A mobile-ready, fast, and well-designed website can help you take your business, project, or career and skyrocket it to the masses of the internet.


What many inexperienced persons building their first website may realize is that these programs are very limiting. You may want to change to a certain color, or move the text to another part of the screen. Often these limited programs fail in one way or another. Not to mention the inability to simply pack up your website and move elsewhere. Even GoDaddy’s “website builder” leaves you shackled to their service. These websites are banking on it. If you are chained to their service, the first time you have a problem you will have no other choice than to hire one of their staffed workers to fix it for you. By the way, these staff workers, are designers.


Designers learn more than just software. They learn composition. What works and does not work. They are quick and adaptable and can listen to your pitch and come up with a solution that you may not have thought of. Web builders are not only lacking in resources, they are lacking in experience. Designers spend many years adapting to the internet and feel their way through important web changes. While a designer may be using WordPress (or building websites from scratch/php) today, they were likely using Dreamweaver and Photoshop yesterday. These skills do not go away as the technologies change. They adapt, re-purpose, and are put to greater use in meaningful ways.


As a designer, I aim to give you the best possible user experience. Once your website is ready, I will also teach you how to upload your own posts, make small edits, and add new products when necessary. I will also be available to hire for these small jobs, but my aim is to ensure that you know how the basics of your website works.


PROMOTION: Are you a local business in Atlantic Canada? For a limited time I will be offering basic 10-page business websites for $250. Jump-start your business into the online era. I will also help you set up “Google My Business” and get found on the web!


When I made Misophonia Weekly, it was originally a free website on WordPress. It was decent enough, and I liked it. But then Shaylynn messaged me about claiming a domain name, and that I totally should. She liked my idea enough that she thought it was worthy of reaching more people. So I accepted! was created. The layout of the site is wonderful, and she picked my favorite color: pink! The main theme of the sight is flowery, and you can tell from the pink flower header image and the small flower icon at the top left of the browser. The articles are set up to where a featured image, a small snippet of the article, and a “read more” option is shown. There are social media buttons on the top left of the site for people to click on if they want other options to follow the blog. There is a “home”, “resources”, “about”, “contact”, and “events” page for people to look at. On the far right, a welcome message from me is shown, telling people what the blog is all about, as well as a featured article describing more about what to expect on the blog. Overall, the design is simple but pretty, and easy to navigate.

Sharon Mousel

Blogger, Misophonia Weekly

Site Types and Features

  • Ecommerce websites and stores
  • Social media type sites with full forums, profile photos
  • The ability to sign in with Facebook, Twitter
    Google+ and several other popular platforms
  • Full forum websites
  • Websites with chat functionality
  • Band websites
  • Websites with Youtube Integration
  • Writing websites
  • Blogs
  • News/Entertainment Sites
  • And anything you could imagine.

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